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Bring the vote to the people with the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP).

Bring the vote to the people with the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP).

Bring the vote to the people with the Mobile Voting Precinct (MVP).
    Innovative, Versatile, Convenient & Mobile

Printelect, a full-service elections provider with more than 100 years in the industry, has combined its experience and tradition with cutting-edge technology to create the Mobile Voting Precinct. This innovative RV elevates mobile voting to the next level, taking elections beyond the standard polling site and adding unprecedented versatility to your electorate.

The MVP's unique design can enhance your election capabilities through:
Take the vote to the people. In urban and suburban settings, from churches to shopping malls and senior centers, the MVP gives you the capability to bring the democratic process to the voters -- wherever they are -- and ensure their right to cast a ballot.

You can't control the weather, but with the MVP, you can prepare for the unexpected. In the event of hurricanes and floods, earthquakes and fires, the MVP is an emergency-response voting vehicle. Use it to ensure the election will go on, despite any natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance.

Voter capacity is always an issue on Election Day. But, with the MVP, the solution is ready to roll into action. Use the MVP to travel throughout your jurisdiction and relieve overcrowded conditions at the polls.

Jump-start your jurisdiction's voter registration efforts with the MVP. Use its mobility to increase your voter rolls.
  Connect with the public in their community and efficiently register large groups of voters at multiple locations.

Educate your electorate with the MVP and help voters develop a better understanding of the election process. During your next voter education drive, use the MVP as a visual aid to educate voters about voting equipment, polling locations, sample ballots, and voting procedures.

Unions, corporations and associations can conduct fair and independent elections with the MVP. Outfitted with all the requisite voting equipment, the MVP brings voting to your organization and its members.

Call Printelect today to learn more about purchasing, rental, and leasing options. Our team is eager to show you how the Mobile Voting Precinct will fit seamlessly into your current election program.

Printelect, your full-service elections provider.
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